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When it comes to your invoicing, Freight Factoring makes it simple for your business to collect payments faster..



Freight Factoring makes it simple for your business to get paid from your outstanding invoices..

 After you log and transport your freight, Freight Factoring lets you get paid on the invoice ASAP however in return for a short, flat fee you collect payment on the factoring invoice as quickly as the same day, more importantly DON’T WAIT TO GET PAID!


  • Transport your Load
  • Send us your invoice directly (rather than broker)
  • Receive Direct Payment
  • Brokers Pay us in 20-30 days.
  • Flat Rate
  • Know what you’re being paid, no hidden fees.
  • Full Service Billing

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is invoice factoring?
  2. Other times known as accounts receivable is an alternate option for small business owners.
  3. What Costs Come with Factoring?
  4. WeLoadTrailers.com charges a flat-rate rate.
  5. What Is Non Recourse Factoring?
  6. Non Recourse Factoring is when a Factoring Company presents to purchase little or even all of its client’s based accounts receivable.
  7. Will I qualify for accounts receivable factoring if I have less than perfect credit?
  8. Yes. Invoice Factoring companies base their decision on the customers credit rating & payment history, so if there were problems in the past with credit you can rebuild it with invoice factoring.

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